3 Ply Full Automatic Face Surgical Mask Machine

3 Ply Full Automatic Face Surgical Mask Machine (50pcs/Min) TXMC

This New design mask machine is a fully automatic machine, to produce outside ear loop face mask. 

This equipment consists of an automatic distribution systems which connected  a blank mask making  machine with one automatic outside mask ear loop welding machines.

The blank face masks produced by the machine which is controlled by a PLC system  can distribute the masks evenly to the one auto ear loop welding machines for further processing with a production speed of 40-50pcs/mim


1.The whole machines adopt aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful,strong and not easy to  rust.

2.High output, which produce the blank masks among 1-5 plys according to the requirement of clients.

3.Comparing  with the segmentation mask production equipment, this set of equipment are more efficient and labour-saving.

4.PLC program control, photoelectric detection, high reliability, low failurer.


Throughput40-50  pcs/min
Machine size6700(L)*3200(W)*1700
Special requirementsMask body size must be fixed

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