4000TPA meltblown fabric project was completed and put into production

4000TPA of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Phase I meltblown fabric project was completed and put into production 年产4000吨 仪征化纤一期熔喷布项目全面建成投产 http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/

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At 13:30 pm on April 28th, Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber’s eighth annual production line of 500 tons of meltblown cloth was put into operation successfully. So far, after 65 days and nights of continuous struggle, the Yizheng Chemical Fiber Phase I 4000 tons / year meltblown cloth project was comprehensive It was completed and put into production, with a daily capacity of 12 tons. A total of 132.5 tons of high-quality meltblown cloth has been produced, and the product quality has reached the standard of KN95 masks, helping to increase the production of 132.5 million medical masks.

According to the decision and deployment of the Sinopec Party Group, in order to ensure the supply of core materials for masks, on February 24, Yizheng Chemical Fiber urgently started the construction of the first phase of a 4,000-ton / year melt-blown cloth project, and built a total of eight melt-blown cloth production lines with an annual output of 500 tons.

Yizheng chemical fiber has been heard and started from zero, emergency cross-border, special affairs and special affairs, focus on major affairs. After 35 days of hard work by more than 600 participants, on March 29, Yizheng Chemical Fiber’s first 500-ton annual meltblown cloth production line was successfully put into production, 18 days ahead of schedule.

After the victory in the first battle, Yizheng Chemical Fiber vigorously carried forward the spirit style displayed in the construction of the meltblown cloth project, conscientiously summed up the successful experience of the construction and start-up of the meltblown cloth production line, while grasping the long-term safe and stable operation of the production line that has been put into production, while fully promoting the follow-up production line Construction and driving. Continue to deepen the recognition and grasp of the key and difficult points such as equipment, installation, process and production, continue to focus on the optimization of various processes and links, continue to do a good job in the supervision of the production of equipment to the goods, and compete for important emergency equipment through air transportation second. After a month of continuous struggle, 7 production lines were completed and put into production, and the first phase of the project was fully completed and put into operation, running out of China’s manufacturing acceleration.

The construction of the first phase meltblown cloth project of Yizheng Chemical Fibre runs from product design positioning to engineering quality, installation quality, and product quality throughout the high starting point and high quality development requirements. After the successive production lines were put into production, Yizheng Chemical Fiber focused on the quality control and improvement of meltblown fabric products, selected a group of high-quality party members to establish a meltblown fabric product inspection commando, and compared it with the approved standards, written procedures, assembled instruments, and methods. The final product inspection has achieved a zero-based start and advanced to high standards. It has completed the inspection of 9900 items of melt-blown cloth products, and passed the product quality inspection results to clarify the direction of quality improvement and improvement. Strictly refer to the CNAS system standards, and implement standard inspections on key indicators such as filtration efficiency to ensure the reliability, accuracy, and authority of the inspection data of melt-blown fabric products. Meltblown fabric products have been sent to nearly 10 downstream mask manufacturers for use and trial. After testing by a third-party testing agency, the quality of Yizheng chemical fiber meltblown fabrics has reached the KN95 mask standard.

At present, Yizheng Chemical Fiber is fully promoting the construction of the second phase 2000 ton / year meltblown fabric project, and is fully committed to the prompt delivery of equipment to the goods, and the 4 production lines will be completed and put into operation in advance. (Lu Xiuhong Zhai Ruilong / Wen Liu Yufu / Photo)

  4月28日下午13时30分,中石化仪征化纤第8条年产500吨熔喷布生产线投产成功,至此,经过65个昼夜的连续奋战,仪征化纤一期4000吨/年熔喷布项目全面建成投产,日产能达12吨。已累计生产优质熔喷布132.5吨,产品质量达到KN95口罩标准, 助力增产医用口罩1.325亿只。



  首战告捷后,仪征化纤大力发扬熔喷布项目建设中展现出的精神作风, 认真总结熔喷布生产线建设、开车成功经验,一边抓好已投产生产线长周期安全稳定运行,一边全力推进后续生产线的建设和开车。持续深化对设备、安装、工艺、生产等重点、难点的认知和把握,持续抓好各个流程、环节的优化,持续做好设备到货监造催交工作,重要紧急设备通过空运争分争秒。经过一个月连续奋战,建成投产7条生产线,实现一期工程全面建成投产,跑出中国制造加速度。


  目前,仪征化纤正全力推进二期2000吨/年熔喷布项目建设,全力做好设备到货监造催交工作,加快后4条生产线提前建成投产。(陆秀宏 翟瑞龙/文 刘玉福/摄 ) 转摘自 新华网


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