Application of Spunbond, Melt blown and Spunmelt Nonwoven

Spunbond Fabric

High strength.

Nonwoven hygiene products

  Baby and adult diapers: Top sheets, back sheets, ears, tapes, landing zone

  Female hygiene: Top sheets, wings

  Cleaning wipes: Baby care, cosmetics, etc.

Nonwoven medical products

  Surgeon’s masks,  Disposable garments,  Surgical drapes,  Shoe covers

Nonwoven technical products

Geotextiles: Erosion protection, filtration, reinforcement, drainage, separation layers, embankment fortification etc. for streets, dikes, and farms

  Structural engineering: Bitumen supports, roof insulation sheeting, diaphragms

  Agriculture: Crop forcing nonwovens, insect protection, etc.

  Automotive: Inner paneling, sound insulation, insulation, etc.

Nonwoven furniture products

 Beds: Pocket springs, mattresses, cushions, bed covers, disposal bedding

  Seating: Upholstered backs, sub-paneling, intermediate layers, etc.

Nonwoven packaging products

  Shopping bags,  Rice packaging,  Tea bags,  Clothes packaging


Spunmelt Fabric

High strength & barrier effect.

Nonwoven hygiene products

  Baby and adult diapers

Nonwoven medical products

 Surgeon’s masks

  Surgical drapes

Combinations with other nonwovens

 Paper composites

Work protection

  Protective clothing

  Breathing masks

Meltblown Fabric

Barriers and filter properties thanks to ultrafine filaments.

High strength.

  Baby and child hygiene,  Female hygiene,  Incontinence products,  Pads

  Absorbing pads,  Functional inserts for controlled absorption

Hot-melt adhesive coating


  Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths,  Media for oil absorption,  Liquids (benzene, water, blood)


  Gas,  Air,  Liquids (benzene, water, blood)

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