Brief of polyester hollow conjugated fiber

Brief introduction of polyester three-dimensional hollow conjugated fiber

A new type of polyester staple fiber-hollow conjugated staple fiber is popular in the market. As a filler, this fiber can keep warm and is much lighter than solid fiber in weight, so it is widely welcomed by manufacturers. So what kind of fiber is it, and what are its characteristics?
Hollow polyester staple fiber is a derivative of polyester staple fiber. Hollow refers to a chemical fiber with a thin tubular cavity in the axial direction, and a chemical fiber with a tubular cavity in the axial direction of the penetrating fiber.

Features of hollow polyester staple fiber:
Lighter and warmer: The high hollow structure reduces the weight of the fiber by 20%, and can contain a lot of still air, so that the fabric is light and warm, but its thermal performance is 65% higher than that of solid homogenous fabrics;
Plump and soft: The product becomes a fabric to bring a richer, smoother and comfortable feel;
Dry and moisture permeable: Compared with the daily heavy warm fabric, it is easier to permeate moisture, and it is dry and comfortable.
Uses of hollow polyester staple fiber:
It can be used for winter clothing, bedding and padding flakes, etc.; assembled into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, dialysis, gas separation, reverse osmosis and evaporative permeator, etc.
The hollow polyester staple fiber structure contains a lot of still air, which can bring lightweight elasticity, good moisture permeability and comfortable warmth to the fabric. It is widely used in thermal underwear, underwear, sportswear, casual clothing, shirts, outdoor sports and blankets And many other fields.
Hollow Conjugated Fiber is better than normal Solid polyester fiber.
Polyester fiber fiber is actually ordinary fiber. It is only for good-sounding to add a fiber. In fact, any clothes are made by spinning different kinds of fibers into yarns and then woven into cloth. Hollow cotton is made of hollow fiber. The difference between it and ordinary solid fiber is that its fiber is hollow, so that it has good moisture absorption and perspiration performance, and its warmth retention is much better than the former.

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