Multifunctional flexible Pilot spinning machine

It can be widely used in scientific research institutions, universities and chemical fiber spinning manufacturers. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research, teaching and small batch process verification. 

This equipment includes screw extruder, metering pump, spinning box, side blower, oiling application, godet, heat roller, air conditioning system, electric control system and other equipment, integrated, no installation, Plug in the power and compressed air to use. 

It can be used for various materials such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc. The spinning speed: 100 to 5000 m/min, and can be used for UDY, POY, MOY, FDY and other processes.

Technical indicators:

Equipment volume: 2m*2.6m*2.7m

Screw extruder: diameter 25, L/D=25

Dia85 Spinneret

Side blowing: 260*900

Godet: 150*100

Heat roller: 220*280, steam jacket, rotary transmitter