low melt fiber application

Low Melt Fiber (A melt adhesive material)

Made through conjugate spinning of general polyester and modified low-melting polyester, this material is used for adhesion as its low melting components are melted and adhered through heat processing. It is eco-friendly as it adheres at a low temperature (approximately 110℃) and boasts excellent ability to maintain a certain form after combining with other materials.

Features of Low Melting Fiber Market

•  Excellent Resilience
•  The formation of non-woven fabric made with LMF is simple and excellent. Excellent Bonding Properties
º  LMF provides diverse melting points generated through controlling sheath part (modified polyester).
•  Excellent Durability
º  The bonding strength after being combined with other fibers hold out semi permanently
º  Easy Mixing Properties with other Fibers
º  Homogeneous properties between LMF and various Fibers make blending easy on line.
•  Exceptional Bonding Ability
º  LMF fuses at lower temperatures than regular polyesters it has a simple shape and exceptional adhesive strength


LMF application in Car

Production line for Low melt fiber

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