Market Trend of Polyester Staple Fiber in 2021

Looking forward to 2021, the views are as follows:

The price of raw materials has risen, and the cost of staple fiber has moved upward. In 2021, although PTA and ethylene glycol in the upstream of polyester staple fiber will continue to supply and demand oversupply, considering the central rise of crude oil prices on the cost side, the absolute prices of PTA and ethylene glycol will also rise, and the center of gravity of polyester staple fiber costs will also move upward. .

The new production capacity of standard products is limited, and the supply pressure is not great. In the first three quarters of 2021, there is little pressure to put polyester staple fiber production capacity, the industry’s production plan is mainly based on differentiated varieties, and the new capacity of futures standard products is limited. In the fourth quarter, focus on the progress of the new production capacity of polyester leading companies. Considering the large scale of production capacity, the pressure of oversupply in the industry may gradually become apparent in 2022.

With terminal repair expectations, demand growth is optimistic. In 2021, the global economy is expected to gradually recover, the terminal textile and apparel industry demand is expected to recover and strengthen, and both domestic and external demand for staple fiber are expected to improve. In addition, there is still room for virgin staple fiber to replace recycled staple fiber, and the price of competing cotton is expected to continue to rise, which may boost the demand for staple fiber.

Factory inventory is expected to remain low. With limited supply growth, but with demand maintaining an optimistic growth rate, in the first three quarters of 2021, it is expected that the inventory pressure of polyester staple fiber factories will be low. However, at present, traders have accumulated more goods in the link, and they are concerned about the rhythm of changes in traders’ inventory.

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