N95 Face Mask Production line (35 to 50pcs/Min)

N95 Face Mask Machine Equipment introduction

N95 high-speed folding automatic equipment.

This line is from feeding, non-woven welding, spot welding ear loop, folding molding, finished products to achieve fully automated production of masks, reducing labor costs.

This is first choice for enterprises to start Masking making.

•Fully automatic production of folding masks, from raw materials to finished products automatically.
•The advanced design concept and mature technology can meet the needs of producing various folding masks.
•High production efficiency, accurate folding and forming, firm welding of ear loop, strong pulling force, automatic put noise bridge and automatic printing function.
•The equipment runs stably, has the ability to work continuously for a long time, and the product qualification rate reaches more than 98%.
•The equipment is automatically controlled throughout the process, running smoothly, and the product quality is stable.

Hottest Project Now-PP MeltBlown Line(1.6T/Day)

Breathing mask (making) machine
Mask (making) machine
Respirator (making) machine
Face mask (making) machine
Facial mask (making) machine
N95 Breathing mask (making) machine
N95 Mask (making) machine
N95 Respirator (making) machine
N95 Face mask (making) machine
N95 Facial mask (making) machine
KN95 Breathing mask (making) machine
KN95 Mask (making) machine
KN95 Respirator (making) machine
KN95 Face mask (making) machine
KN95 Facial mask (making) machine
FFP2 Breathing mask (making) machine

FFP2 Mask (making) machine
FFP2 Respirator (making) machine
FFP2 Face mask (making) machine
FFP2 Facial mask (making) machine

2 ply mask
3 ply mask
2 layer mask
3 layer mask

Face mask disposable – 2 Ply
Face mask for surgeons 3 Ply
N95 Particulate Respiratory
Surgical mask