New Melt Blown Nonwoven Project Start in China

Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Company that the second phase of Yanshan Petrochemical Meltblown Nonwoven Project was put into operation on the 15th, The total production capacity of meltblown nonwoven reach 12 tons/day , they will provide key raw materials for 12 million medical plane masks.

According to reports, Yanshan Petrochemical Meltblown Nonwoven Project is constructed in two phases. The two production lines of the first phase of the project started construction on February 24, and all were put into production on March 8. The two production lines of the second phase of the project started construction on March 13 and all were put into production on April 15.

As of 8 a.m. on April 16, Yanshan Petrochemical had produced 245.39 tons of melt-blown nonwoven fabrics, of which 17.97 tons were special melt-blown non-woven fabrics for KN95 masks, which further eased the demand for mask raw materials in the market.

This project team adopted strict epidemic prevention and control and safety management measures. Infrared automatic temperature measuring instrument is installed at the entrance of the site to add personal information codes to the safety helmets of construction workers. Through automatic temperature measurement and scanning codes, strict temperature monitoring and identification of personnel entering the site are carried out to prevent infection.

It is understood that thanks to Yanshan Petrochemical’s advantages in the integration of upstream and downstream in the field of synthetic resin, all raw materials for melt-blown non-woven fabrics are produced by the company. In addition, the localization rate of the second-phase project production line has been greatly improved, especially the core equipment melt-blown die head uses domestic products.




Melt Blown Nonwoven Production line

Melt-blown fabrics Uses

Melt-blown fabrics have generally the same applications as other nonwoven products. The main uses of melt-blown nonwovens and other innovative approaches are as follows


The porous nonwoven melt-blown fabrics can be used in the filtration of gaseous as well as liquid materials. These applications include water treatment, masks, air conditioning filter, etc.


Nonwovens are capable to retain liquids several times of their own weight. For instance, polypropylene nonwovens are ideal to recollect oil contaminations.

Hygiene products

The high sorption efficiency of melt-blown nonwovens can be exploited in disposable diapers, sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene products as well.


The good thermal insulation properties, the barrier behavior against fluids combined with breathability make melt-blown nonwovens a great choice for apparels even in harsh environments.

Drug delivery

Melt blowing is also capable to produce drug-loaded fibers for controlled drug delivery.The high throughput rate (extrusion feeding), solvent-free operation accompanied with the increased surface area of the product make melt blowing a promising new formulation technique.

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