On-line melt injection for functional master batches

1. Prospect Analysis

With the development of chemical fiber spinning technology, the market is becoming more and more subdivided, and the spinning equipment and technology of small batches and varieties are more and more favored by the market. The exposed disadvantages are becoming more and more prominent. In this case, it is possible to accurately inject various functional masterbatch melts on the melt pipeline, mix the original melt and functional masterbatch melts evenly through a high-tech dynamic mixer, and spin high-quality functional fibers Advanced spinning equipment and technology appeared. This kind of equipment is flexible in application, whether it is in chip spinning, melt direct spinning, single spinning position or multiple spinning positions. Due to the use of metering pumps to accurately meter the masterbatch melt and the use of high-precision dynamic mixers for mixing, the fibers spun by this technology are of very high quality. It is precisely because of these advantages of this technology that it has shown very strong vitality in the market, and many giant chemical fiber enterprises (such as Shenghong and Hengli) are eager to adopt it first.

2. Process flow and characteristics of injection system

Dynamic Mixer

3. Characteristics of injection system

Effect of device modification: Functional melt can be injected into the melt pipe of the melt direct spinning production line to produce functional fibers.

4. The self-developed online functional masterbatch melt injection technology represents the high-end level of the market, and has advantages that other manufacturers cannot replace and extremely high cost performance. First of all, this system uses the dynamic and static integrated high-efficiency dynamic mixer independently developed by our company. When the melt per unit volume passes through the mixer, it can achieve astronomical mixing effect and there is no melt short circuit phenomenon. From the electrical control, the man-machine interface is clear at a glance, and it is convenient to monitor and modify each control point of the whole system. The entire system uses our company’s mature software and years of equipment integration technology to be accurate and reliable.

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