One-step Process Production Line for special applications

One-step staple fiber spinning lines have an excellent flexibility with regard to the processable raw materials and titer range. These plants enable highly economical production of fibers for a wide range of downstream processes.

Cost-efficient plant configuration
The one-step technology includes the spinning operation
and the subsequent drawing in one process step. This compact
construction permits the production of staple fiber capacities
of up to 80 tons per day.

One Step Line benefits:
Single-storey operation, compact design -> Less staff
Spinning and drawing in one line -> no buffer between
spinning section and drawing line
Long spin pack running time

High flexibility
The applications are as diverse as they are specific: from
fibers for geotextiles, filtration applications and hygiene
applications to reinforcement fibers through to fibers for
automotive applications.

Because of the extruder spinning, the inline process is ideally
suited to processing recycled polyester. Whether as regranulated
chips or directly as R-PET flakes (bottle flakes), even
recycled polyester that does not 100% satisfy the qualities
of virgin polyester can be processed.

One Step Line Benefits:
Highest flexibility in raw material input: PET, R-PET,
Titer range: 1.7 – 90 dtex
Quick colour change due to side extrusion

One step PP fiber or cigarette Filter production line