PPSF (PP Staple Fiber) wide ranging applications

PPSF has wide ranging applications in view of its being a light weight fibre with high insulation properties and good resistance to abrasion. PPSF is finding new and varied uses over older and more traditional synthetic fibres. Among all synthetic fibres in the world, the share of PPSF has increased substantially and the growth trajectory continues. PPSF material has a truly wide variety of areas. Some of these include spun yarn filter fabrics, non-woven filter fabrics, geo-textiles, floor coverings and carpet backings, furnishing fabrics, blankets, wall-coverings, in construction industry.

Major Applications

Finer Denier PPSF

2.5 and 3 denier in Natural White is used for spinning different count yarns which go into making mainly Filter Fabrics. It is also used in Carpet backing yarn, Dref-2 yarn for making filter cartridges and non-woven Geo-textiles.

Geo textiles

PP fibre of 6 Denier is largely used for making geo textile fabric. It is also used certain automotive applications.

Coarser Denier PPSF

Coarser Denier PPSF of 10 to 15 Denier is used in non-woven carpets for floor coverings and automobile carpets and coverings.

Construction Sector

Construction Sector PPSF cut into smaller cut lengths like 6 mm, 12 mm, and 20mm, mixed with cement used in plastering, RCC, used in the building construction industry and also in asbestos sheet/pipes.


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