Sinopec Diversifies into Meltblown

Sinopec Diversifies into Meltblown

Apr 01, 2020

In early March, Sinopec Corp, China’s leading energy and chemical company, put its first meltblown nonwovens  line into operation at its Yanshan factory in Beijing . The Yanshan factory is a converted 3600 M2 old warehouse that has found new life as a global production base following the challenges brought by the coronavirus outbreak.

The 14,400 ton capacity Yanshan facility is one of Sinopec’s two meltblown nonwoven fabric assembly bases and is co-managed with China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The base has two nonwoven production lines and three spunbond production lines and can produce up to four tons of meltblown fabric for 1.2 million N95 disposable masks or six tons for six disposable masks per day. 

The new facility also takes advantage of Sinopec’s integrated upstream supply-chain by sourcing local materials from Yanshan and support from the on-site synthetic resin production line. 

“It normally takes about half a year to complete the construction of a 10,000-ton meltblown fabric factory – We have done it in 12 days, 48 hours ahead of schedule. In a challenging time like this, saving 48 hours means that we can produce an extra 12 million disposable masks,” says Lv Dapeng, spokesperson of Sinopec Corp.

The largest medical material supplier in China, Sinopec is a significant supplier of polypropylene, a key component in the production of disposable masks for medical use. The new assembly line will ensure a stable supply of medical supplies, such as masks and clothing, can be distributed across the nation and worldwide. 

“We are privileged to support those who are protecting us from the virus. Sinopec will utilize all of our resources to ensure supplies to the frontline are guaranteed,” says Dapeng. 

Sinopec’s other eight meltblown nonwoven   lines in Yizheng, Jiangsu are currently under construction and are expected to enter operational by mid-April. 

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