Three-dimensional hollow fiber (Hollow Conjugated Fiber)

Three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber is a hollow fiber series: single-hole three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber:
High hollowness, good fluffy, fast recovery elasticity, and good warmth retention.
The fiber can be made into pillow cores, quilts, toys, etc., and has good warmth retention, fluffy and elasticity.
Four-hole three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber:
High hollowness, good bulkiness, excellent resilience, stronger warmth retention, smooth hand feeling, and permanent curling.
It is mainly used as wadding materials, such as wadding, pillow cores, soft toys, cushions, etc., and can also be used for decorative cloth, carpets, wool-like products, filter materials, etc. The product has a high added value and a good market.
Seven-hole three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber:
Combining the two technologies of porous and three-dimensional crimping into one, it has many excellent characteristics such as moderately high, excellent fluffy performance, good resilience, strong warmth retention, and smooth hand feeling.
It is mainly used as flocculent material, decoration and filter material and high-grade wool-like products. It is currently one of the world’s most technologically and best-performing varieties. The added value of the product is extremely high, the market is very good, and the supply is in short supply.

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