TXMC in developing Melt blown Line

First 1.6-meter line will be started April 25 to meet face mask demand

April 05.2020

TXMC is creating new technology and produce specialty melt blown line to produce high-efficiency filtration media serving for face mask markets. First projections will be installed in last week of this April in China.

The technology will meet increased demand and customer growth and will be focused on premium applications, such as FFP2 (N95) and FFP3 (N99) for industrial face mask and cabin air filtration markets.  These products range in use from materials for face masks and protective healthcare apparel to packaging for food preservation and disinfecting products, many of which have seen a demand surge in the fight against COVID-19. These critical materials include nonwoven fabrics for face masks and respirators, both of which will benefit from the increased capacity being brought online.

TXMC will supply more project to customer all the world in shortest delivery time. The opportunity to support the fight against COVID-19 accelerated our decision, Our ability to be agile will benefit our customers and our global communities.”

The 1.6 meter-wide line is being supplied which we are setting up and is equipped with a technology for electrostatic charging and provides high-quality filter material that guarantees a high degree of separation, low pressure loss and a high storage capacity. The plant will bring an additional annual capacity of 500 ton of N95 material to the market.

TXMC is pleased that we are supplying production line of nonwovens for urgently needed, high-quality filter material. The demand for these materials is currently enormous and will, in our opinion, remain so in the future. We will provide all producers, who want to get involved in the fight against COVID-19, with the best possible support for rapid project realization.

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