The vibration method to measure the linear density of fibers is the preferred method for the linear density testing of chemical fibers recommended by the International Chemical Fiber Standardization Agency (BISFA). The performance of the XD-1 vibration fineness meter produced after the improvement in 2008 has been significantly improved, and the vibration is fast It has obvious advantages in important characteristics such as wide application range of tension, and its performance is significantly better than similar foreign instruments. It has been praised by users and has been popularized particularly rapidly in recent years.

The XD-1 vibratory fineness meter measures the linear density of the fiber, which can directly display the single value, average value and coefficient of variation of the linear density, and the external printer can print the test results. The instrument is connected to the XQ-1A tensile tester, which can accurately test the specific strength, initial modulus and specific work of a single fiber.

This instrument is controlled by a microprocessor and adopts the principle of self-excited oscillation, with high test accuracy and easy operation, which can reduce human test errors.

This instrument complies with the national standards GB/T 14335, GB/T 16256, the international standard ISO1973 and the test method standards of the International Chemical Fiber Standardization Bureau (BISFA). It is suitable for the measurement of the linear density of a single fiber and can be widely used in chemical fibers, textiles, etc. Production enterprises, inspection institutions and scientific research units.

Main Specifications
1. Linear density measurement range: 0.6~40 dtex;
2. Linear density measurement error: ≤±2%;
3. Clamping length: 20 mm;
4. Length error between upper and lower knife edges: ≤±1%;
5. Pre-tension clamp accuracy: ≤±0.5%;
6. Resonance frequency measurement error: ≤±0.5%;
7. Power supply: 220V~±10%;
8. The weight of the whole machine: about 10 kg;
9. Size: 393×300×320 (mm);

XQ-1A XD-1 online test fiber strength and elongation

XQ-1A fiber tensile tester and XD-1 fineness tester can be used to test the strength, linear density, specific strength, modulus and specific work of the same fiber. It is the International Chemical Fiber Standardization Agency (BISFA) Recommend the preferred fiber strength and elongation test method, which represents the development direction of fiber test. This test method is widely adopted internationally.