YG321D digital fiber specific resistance meter

YG321D digital fiber specific resistance meter

【Scope of application】:

Used to determine the specific resistance of various chemical fibers and natural fibers.

【main feature】:

1. The instrument is controlled by a touch screen microcomputer, and the test results are displayed in real time, with a wide measurement range of 10Ω~1014Ω. The test data is uploaded online or saved in a U disk, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. The instrument automatically compresses the chemical fiber short fibers in the measuring box, instead of manually rotating the hand crank to compress the sample, and the operation is more convenient.

3. In addition to the specific resistance test of chemical fiber short fiber, the instrument can also test the specific resistance of chemical fiber filament;

[Applicable standards]:

The instrument meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T 14342-2015 “Chemical fiber short fiber specific resistance test method”, is suitable for a variety of chemical fiber and natural fiber specific resistance test, and can be widely used in chemical fiber, textile and other manufacturing enterprises, testing institutions and Scientific research unit.
【Main Specifications】:

1. Measuring range: 10Ω~1014Ω.

2. Measurement error: ≤5% (resistance ≤1012Ω), ≤20% (resistance>1012Ω).

3. Test voltage: 1V and 100V two gears.

High resistance measurement range: 106Ω~1014Ω (measurement voltage 100V)

Low resistance measurement range: 10Ω~107Ω (measurement voltage 1V)

4. Voltage deviation: ≤1% (automatic tracking by the instrument).

5. Power supply: AC220V 300W

6. Weight: 22kg